Development - Uploads I did now appear on Ashirg's accounts

Asgardian User

Written at 07 Jul 2015 on 12:26

This is to AshirgrnrnHow come uploads that I have contributed now appear on your account?rnrnPlus my credits have been reduced.rnrnWhat on earth is going on?
Ashirg Moderator

Written at 07 Jul 2015 on 20:11

The artwork you uploaded is much poorer quality (only 300 pixels wide and most of them are resized from smaller images) and I found higher quality images and uploaded myself - for example, international Non-Stop New York posters I uploaded are over 2200 pixels wide. Once we replace poor quality posters and they are deleted, the credits are subtracted.
Asgardian User

Written at 08 Jul 2015 on 02:41

Well you obviously do not need me to contribute the rest of my 10,000 plus collection