General - Pay for images?

SkEvol User

Written at 28 Nov 2008 on 04:47

What the fu*k? what a crock.

someone's makin a healthy dollar off this little avenue.
Jox User

Written at 13 Dec 2008 on 20:53

A lot of these images are rare and in high-resolution and not so easy to find in that standard. I think it's fair plus if you contribute to the database you get credits for downloads. Magazines sometimes have to pay a lot of money for "images" as you say.
sxc1115 User

Written at 17 Dec 2008 on 07:35

So good. 😄
Martijn Owner

Written at 10 Jan 2009 on 18:44

1) You have no idea how much work is being put into this website
2) A few cents for a download is very cheap. There are site that are charging 10 times as much, or maybe even more.
3) You don't HAVE to pay, you can download lower resolution pictures or can contribute.

Hope I cleared that up for you.
Cesar User

Written at 20 Jan 2009 on 06:38

I definitely agree with Martijn; it takes a lot of effort and time to run a website like this. Especially with minimal advertising or sponsor pop-ups. This one has an extensive catalogue of international as well as obscure poster. This site saves you time when tracking down a poster you want to download. Sure you could go to IMPA site but they only have commercial movie posters. Or to Movie Goods site, you could download their low resolution posters but with digitally watermarked on your downloaded image. So keep up the good work for the people in movieposterdb.
Martijn Owner

Written at 20 Jan 2009 on 20:56

Thanks a lot Cesar (and Jox also), your understanding is much appreciated 😄
SkEvol User

Written at 11 Feb 2009 on 19:10

I have no doubt that a lot of work is being done to maintain this site. Never doubted it.

"Images", yes indeed they are, images. What would you call them?

I appreciate the quality is high and without gumpf, but you're still making money off copyright material.

You have a niche, granted, but I don't find it terribly respectable.
Martijn Owner

Written at 12 Feb 2009 on 20:17

I don't understand your question about images..

Anyway it's true we don't own copyrights. But what is really the difference with IMDb or any other movie website? They also make money, but trough advertisements. And, as you can read in the 'about' page, you don't really pay for single images but more for the service we offer. And it's also to prevent everyone from downloading the whole database, which would instantly kill our server/bandwidth.

Also we remove posters as quick as possible when a copyright owner asks us. This has happened a few times for instance when we had a My BlueBerry Nights posters which wasn't released yet. The problem wasn't the moneymaking (as you call it), but just the fact it wasn't released yet.
Nadaone User

Written at 27 Mar 2009 on 14:42

its easy you want the hires then pay you want the 1000 x 1500 posters for free then use google. and thats with the money lol its a funny argument i know the owner private and with the money he can pay allready the server so its not really a big money making machine lol
Isabel86 User

Written at 02 Apr 2009 on 11:27

I have one question:
I'm from an advertising agency looking for movie posters to use in a client's image film. Can you tell me by chance if I am allowed to use the posters of this database for a 'commercial' purpose like this or if I have to pay any licence fee apart from the 'credits'?

Thanks in advance for a quick info!
Komond Moderator

Written at 26 Apr 2009 on 06:20

I guess none of the pictures here can be used for that commercial purpose Isabel86. Maybe if they are free of copyright, but we don't have that information. You may have to contact the distribution company for using copyrighted material to promote some other thing. The credits don't allow for any use of this material, is just something you can have for personal purposes and digital collection.
doolittle User

Written at 05 May 2009 on 12:55

Wouldn't it be a good idea to give a free credit to each new member so they could download an image to check the resolution?
Instead of asking for 5 EUROS straight away give them an incentive, once they start the addiction sets in.
Martijn Owner

Written at 15 May 2009 on 13:41

We've done that in the beginning, but people started to create a LOT of accounts. So no, we'd rather not. Plus, one poster might have a low resolution, while another one is way better...
alenas User

Written at 23 May 2009 on 18:52

hi everybody , can anyone tell me please why i'm trying to buy images through paypal but it couldn't get through? thanx