Movies - Indy vs Batman

Steinninn User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 01:16

Whitch movie are you more exited about?

My vote goes to The Dark Knight.

I'd love to know what you think.
jayef User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 01:25

as far i can tell from the hype in the cinema ... dark knight gets way more ... so i'm actually also more excited for dark knight.
Komond Moderator

Written at 18 May 2008 on 03:59

I like more the Indy saga than Batman Begins...but I think the Dark Knight is so much promising than the new Indy movie.

I guess the Indiana Jones movie it's more a nostalgic thing: Steven Spielberg directing... John Williams composing... Drew Struzan making the art of posters... Harrison Ford acting... the only thing I miss is Sean Connery. Most of the same, but maybe the same good thing.

But the Dark Knight looks as a new promising comic heroe movie, finally we will have a real dark Batman movie? Finally someone will take the most of what Batman's characters offers? Will Christopher Nolan break with a brand new thing?

Soon we will see... but my vote goes to The Dark Knight, as new things make me feel more excited, and those fourth part movies of older movies make me feel tension (they usually deceive me).
Martijn Owner

Written at 18 May 2008 on 16:23

Hmm, though one. Although I liked all 3 previous Indy movies and have not seen Batman Begins😳, I think I'm more excited about The Dark Knight. We've seen Indy before, and I think The Dark Knight will be a very original movie. And off course: we'll get to see The Joker👏.

And concerning the hype: The Dark Knight has an incredibly good marketing campain going on. All those posters and websites, it just doesn't stop!

"Why so sseriouss"😉
jr-design User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 22:58

the dark knight for sure, lol
AWesker User

Written at 19 May 2008 on 04:41

Indy immediately brings to mind Live Free or Die Hard. Likely good, but really nothing spectacular. Dark Knight looks like it could redo a lot of what comic movies have become, so it gets my vote.
Komond Moderator

Written at 24 May 2008 on 04:07

Finally, I've come from cinema and I think this Indy movie is a good one. Nothing great, but a good entertaning movie that reminds me the original trilogy. And no other sequel of an old movie has reach that.

But, as I said in the other post, the movie is "just the same"(even thinking that's a good thing when added things could be bad, it's always better more of the same) and The Dark Knight offers me a new concept of hero movie.
Backstage User

Written at 13 Jun 2008 on 00:18

Dark Knight ! Dark Knight ! Dark Knight !
Bump User

Written at 14 Jun 2008 on 01:56

Dark Knight ofc. I can't wait to see yet another movie with Christian Bale. He is a perfect actor. I really enjoy every film he's in. Probably my favorite male actor. And I can't wait to see the last movie Ledger performed in. The trailer tells he is doing his character really well with a new twist.
DjMethod User

Written at 18 Jun 2008 on 06:32

Dark Knight has been #1 on my list since last year. Can't wait... 30 days...
Martijn Owner

Written at 19 Jul 2008 on 12:48

The Dark Knight made a $66M opening day yesterday, the best opening ever! Also a 9,6 on IMDb with 7000+ votes, making it third on the IMDb top 250 (and I guess it'll be #1 by tonight).

Read some interesting box office facts and projections here.
Martijn Owner

Written at 20 Jul 2008 on 12:04

By the way: The Dark Knight has been the most popular movie on for already 12 (!) weeks now!
xBrendanx User

Written at 30 Jul 2008 on 07:47

Batman ftw!! 😁
omniswang User

Written at 03 Aug 2008 on 09:59

I like the posters ,but I don't want to buy.Is there anyway else could I get the high quality posters.Thanks.

Written at 08 Sep 2008 on 17:32

Batman ftw! 😁 Saw it today and the joker rocks.

Written at 08 Jul 2009 on 05:42

the dark knight for sure, lol
juli888 User

Written at 07 Jul 2010 on 15:03

I give the voice to the dark knight.
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