Site news - Not Official Poster/Cover

Written at 22 Mar 2015 on 21:02

The following covers from "Relatos Salvajes" (Wild Tales) are not official covers/posters

Written at 22 Mar 2015 on 21:43

Thank you! They're removed now.

Written at 23 Mar 2015 on 09:35

You're welcome, I'm glad to help and I'll report if some non official stuff come across in my way.

Written at 18 Apr 2015 on 00:02

There's a lot of non official stuff in the"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Poster Gallery, some are not real textless but promo art (not confirmed as official) and a lot of custom. please remove the fake ones.I've just post the original teaser poster, must be waiting to be moderated.

Written at 12 May 2015 on 02:10

Can someone confirm me if this is a "Maggie" official poster?, 'cause it looks like the worst photoshop ever!

I like the original but this one goes in a complete different direction more like an arnie classic action flick, it's just to weird and uncomfortable poster. I'll like to know before posting it in an article. Thanks!