Trading - Seeking Original Korean Animated film posters...

korazy User

Written at 12 Feb 2012 on 12:48

Hi Everyone,
I'm a hardcore collector of posters from Korean animated movies and animated series or even posters announcing a video tape release of a Korean animated film/series.

Q- So what constitutes a Korean animated movie or series seeing as about 70% of the globes animation is now brought to life in Sth Korea?
A- Product from a Korean Producer or Director.

I'm really hunting for stuff from the early 70's on up to 90's.

Really desperately trying to find:
### An original Hong Gil Dong poster (1967) as nobody has one anywhere and even the film itself is lost which is a shame as it was the first ever Korean feature length animated film.
Sadly, after four years of searching for this in Sth Korea itself, all I could find was a newspaper from 1968 with an advert of the film.

# An original poster for the video release of Voltar the Invincible from the 80's- early 90's Hmm, may have some variations on the name there.

Well, if you find one of the baove or something kind of similar do let me know. I'd love to bag an old Turkish release (original, not reprint) of a Korean animated film if you happen to have one as well...

Cheers 😁