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Written at 02 Dec 2011 on 01:42

Any thing new? I have had that O13 in english but it was not a 27x40 inch 1sheet

Written at 29 Mar 2015 on 04:45

What you need to do is buy a flat panel TV and do the following:My flat poster
Tedd User

Written at 01 May 2016 on 23:31

+1 😄

My video recording skills suck, but this is something I`ve been working on, as a prop for outside my
small dedicated home theater. 1080x1600 resolution posters, all on a usb jump drive, using the
LG`s built in slideshow. Might go to a Pi3 computer down the road, for a little more playback flexibility,
but right now, all playback is via prepackaged theme folders.