Your collection - Can't find any info...

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Written at 11 Dec 2011 on 20:25

So I have a poster that I got as a gift many year ago as a child. As of course as a child I didn't see the value in keeping it in good condition, so its pretty well shot.

However, I am curious to see if there's any information about it out there. here are the details:

Superman III movie poster. Double sided; the front is in color with the movie title: Sup from an angle looking at his front-right side (he's flying). The back is black and white of a different pose: Clark opening his shirt revealing the S logo. Neither of these are the typical pictures of Sup flying out of the grand Canyon with Richard Pryor.

I'll see if I can get a decent picture of it if anybody is curious.

Thanks for your help
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Written at 14 Dec 2011 on 20:36

Well, I found it online via ebay. Here is a link to a place selling it. Though it doesn't mention the B&W on the back, it does on ebay.