Your collection - Danish Posters

kvh User

Written at 16 Dec 2012 on 14:01 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Take a look at some Danish Poster art uploaded right here:

dinoleox1 User

Written at 02 Jan 2013 on 15:56 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

I made my own posters (You know,buy the correct paper,in the correct printer,with correct program)But when i saw the Orca Poster that you have,man,i said "wow"(I was looking for a Orca Poster that dont is whit a trash quality).Good collection mate 😁
kvh User

Written at 04 Jan 2013 on 07:05 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Thanks.....great to hear, that you like some of the posters.