Farewell, My Lovely1975

Critics score:
84 / 100

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Richard Eder, New York Times:It's as if someone had put pillow springs, power-steering and a tape deck into a classic racing-car. It is still handsome and it still goes, but it is a handsome mediocrity.Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times:"Farewell, My Lovely" is a great entertainment and a celebration of Robert Mitchum's absolute originality.Read more

Jay Cocks, TIME Magazine:Watching this movie has approximately the same effect as being locked overnight in a secondhand clothing store in Pasadena. There is an awful lot of dust and, after a while, the dummies look as if they are moving.Read more

Time Out:The film's triumph is Mitchum's definitive Marlowe, which captures perfectly the character's down-at-heel integrity and erratic emotional involvement with his cases.Read more

Variety Staff, Variety:Despite an impressive production and some firstrate performances, this third version fails to generate much suspense or excitement.Read more