Generation Um... 2012

Stephen Holden, New York Times: What does it add up to? Um ... I have no idea and don't really care. Read more

Justin Chang, Variety: A slapped-together sub-mumblecore exercise that at times suggests a feature-length expansion of 2010′s "Sad Keanu" meme Read more

Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter: Meandering and affected, this tedious character study is as aimless as the lives it depicts. Read more

Amy Nicholson, Los Angeles Times: Neither the film, nor the film within the film, hold our attention. Bummer, Keanu. Read more

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News: "Um" winds up as empty as its mean streets are phony. Read more

Sara Stewart, New York Post: Director Mark L. Mann seems to be searching for the meaning in aimlessness, and in lowered expectations. But too often the narrative left me feeling the titular "um." Read more

Sam Adams, Time Out: Generation Um... devolves into a heap of sub-American Beauty profundities and strained confessionals ... Read more

Michael Nordine, Village Voice: Reeves is front and center in a thinly sketched narrative anchored by little other than his presence ... Read more