The Pension 2018


The four stories that possibly or impossibly can be happened in the pension; The parents who lost their child go to the pension with poison where the killer stays with his family; The husband and wife on a trip who are growing tired of their married life and the wife’s hidden secret reveals when they reach the pension; A woman who demands to stay a night at a particular suite to save her kidnapped child; A man who is asked to manage the pension for a night, he organizes fantastic night with his girlfriend, but things go wrong…

Directed by: Ryu Jang-ha & Yang Jong-hyun & Yoon Chang-mo & Jeonghuh Deok-jae
Written by: Ryu Jang-ha
Release date: 2018-06-21
Runtime: 113 minutes
Tagline: Pension, a place where people come and go.